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Ultimate medical and beauty tour to Japan by private jet targets growing ultra rich Chinese market


Ultimate medical and beauty tour to Japan by private jet targets growing ultra rich Chinese market


Ultimate medical and beauty tour to Japan by private jet targets growing ultra rich Chinese market.

HONG KONG, May 19 2017 – L’VOYAGE has launched a highly-exclusive medical and beauty tour to Tokyo, Japan, that targets mainland China’s growing outbound medical tourist market. The Hong Kong-based private jet chartering company says that the ultra-rich from mainland China will spend anywhere from US$100,000 upwards on their personal beauty and healthcare needs on average each year and that Japan is an increasingly popular destination.

“Compared to other global medical hubs, Japan is just three hours away from mainland China by air. Popular for its famous tourist attractions, the country’s civil and technologically advanced infrastructure also boosts its image as a medical tourist destination. About half of the medical tourists that visit Japan today are from Asia,” said Diana Chou, founder of L’VOYAGE. Internationally, Japan scores well when it comes to its basic mental and physical health, health infrastructure and preventative care. The Prosperity Index by Legatum Institute, a London-based research institute, ranks Japan’s healthcare system fourth in the world, after Luxembourg, Singapore and Switzerland.

For its customers, the private jet concierge company will secure appointments at the highly exclusive Kenkoin clinic in Tokyo, a renowned centre for preventative healthcare that only accepts six patients a day. The centre provides sophisticated examinations and gene identification to assess an individual’s current and future disease risks, and has a team of physicians, nutritionists and fitness therapists to advise on preventative treatments. Many life-threatening diseases, such as asthma, chronic fatigue, stroke, myocardial infarction, osteoporosis and carcinogenesis, are bought on by stress and aging and can be prevented if treated early. There is a growing awareness of such diseases in China.

In addition to the medical consultation at Keikoin, L’VOYAGE has local partners who will tailor bespoke lifestyle services for both men and women. Some examples include “gold foil” beauty treatments, human placenta Injections, Japanese tea ceremonies, tours of the Hakone Palace and dining at Ginza’s top kobe beef and sushi restaurants. No two tours are exactly alike.

Private jet charters to Japan by L’VOYAGE will cost between US$53,500 and US$64,900, depending on where customers fly from; Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai or Shenzhen. Five-star accommodation and tailored local tours, starting at US$28,000 per person, are arranged separately.