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The Fuse of Passion and Elegance (Jane Churchill)


The Fuse of Passion and Elegance (Jane Churchill)


Spanning almost a century of time, women in aviation have been remembered, honored, and in some cases; such as those involving the great record breaking pioneers like Amelia Earhart and Jacqueline Cochran, revered.

These great feats have inspired thousands of skybound women for many a generation to come, and no promise of the wonderful future of the field may rest more openly than the figures known as Diana Chou and Jane Churchill, two titans in their respective fields who are already collaborating to create awe-inspiring history for the field of aviation and aircraft interior design. As an innovator in Asia’s business aviation market, Diana Chou is the first woman to sell private jets in Asia and has shaped the development of the Asian business aviation industry for over 15 years. Apart from founding private jet sales business Sino Private Aviation (SPAL) in 1999, she pioneered the sales of helicopters in China through her company Aerochine Aviation, which is also establishing the region’s first world-class helicopter maintenance facility at China’s Ningbo International Airport, expanding her companies into a turn-key business aviation solutions provider in Asia and beyond.

In 2013, Diana Chou also founded bespoke business aircraft charter service L’VOYAGE to provide services using existing clients’ underutilised inventory and to introduce future clients to unprecedented private travel experiences. L’VOYAGE’s standard operating procedures ensure that safety standards are of primary concern and the company is the first WYVERN (safety) accredited chartering firm in Asia. Ms. Chou was recently appointed as Non Executive Chairwoman of Jetcraft Asia, the Asian subsidiary of US headquartered Jetcraft Corporation that for over 50 years has been at the forefront the business aviation market around the world. Ms. Chou is a founding member and Executive Committee Member of Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA). In 2015, she was awarded “Women Leader of the Year” by the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA). With a deep sense of social responsibility, Ms. Chou sees it as an imperative to use her companies to support a number of charitable activities including support for UNICEF’s “28 days to save a child’s life” fundraising campaign.

Jane Churchill is renowned for two things. The first is her traditional sense of style, which manifests itself in her love of all things English. The second is her take on modern design and the contemporary flair that she brings to her interiors. Her ethos of combining the ‘old’ with the ‘new’ has made Jane Churchill Interiors the go-to name for homes that are as classic as they are current; as elegant as they are fun and as beautiful as they are functional. Internationally renowned for both her classically elegant interiors and her contemporary flair, Jane’s interior design work has made her a household name in the UK and abroad for over thirty years. With a shop in London’s premier design district on Pimlico Road, her interior design business can count private houses, châteaux, London townhouses, apartments, showhomes, country estates, rickshaws, and a Rolls Royce amongst their projects. Jane’s vast portfolio also includes oversees projects; she has worked on properties in the USA, in Australia and in the Caribbean and past European ventures have included Hungarian hunting lodges as well as a French ski chalet and chateau. Thirty years ago it was Jane’s vast and successful collection of fabrics and wallpapers that made Jane Churchill a household name; when this half of her rapidly growing empire was sold, she made the permanent move into interior design and Jane Churchill Interiors has been trading at 81 Pimlico Road ever since.

Jane’s design approach mixes a traditional English style with a modern twist, combining classic and contemporary elements so that each project is unique and personal to the client. Every design project is individually cared for with the utmost attention to detail; Jane and her team believe in working closely with their clients in order to meet each requirement, where creating a comfortable environment that connects personally with the client is the most important aspect of their work. Jane’s prolific design repertoire has seen her front a 48 programme series for Granada television with a following book, which was published both in the UK and USA. She has acted as a consultant for NEXT PLC, Hunters of Brora, and Libertys, and is currently a consultant for Aerochine. In addition, Jane is a household name in the USA where she has worked with Drexel Heritage, Sherrill furniture, Patterson Flynn and Frederick Cooper and Tyndale.

With the respective talents and experience shared between Diana Chou and Jane Churchill, some of the world’s most finely tailored and intimately bespoke flying experiences lay comfortably above the horizon, tantalizing to the imagination. Indeed, the two figures are making inspirational history for both women in aviation, and amongst their fields.