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Beyond Sky


Beyond Sky

Through our deep and market-leading association with private aviation in the Asian Region and beyond, we can offer access to the world’s vast inventory of jets available for luxury private jet charter.

Combine this with fast and flexible access to our own exclusive fleet and you can enjoy the ultimate private air charter experience in terms of safety, cabin comfort and fuel economy as well as the latest in-flight communications and entertainment.

Long range business jets put the world at your disposal and corporate airliners enable groups of passengers to travel the globe whilst feeling almost like they are residing in an exclusive boutique hotel. At the other end of the scale, the latest fuel efficient single engine turboprops can provide ergonomically designed smaller cabin comfort and a very small environmental footprint for your luxury travel. Carbon offsetting can be provided if required too.

L’VOYAGE Membership AND Concierge Service

L’VOYAGE Membership was created in 2014 specifically designed for those who are looking for fast tailored solutions unbounded by locations and aircraft types. Giving you limitless access to options that suit you perfectly.

Who are L’VOYAGE members

  • Frequent travelers who treasure the ability to move promptly
  • Jet owners who are familiar with the benefits of private jet travel
  • Those who want simplicity - one terms and conditions that covers multiple solutions in the future
  • Those who treasure quality service, uncompromised, globally

Why choose L’VOYAGE Membership

  • L’VOYAGE is the first and only Wyvern approved Private Jet Charter Consultant in Asia
  • Offers a flexible structure that is tailor made to your needs
  • A membership that allows deposits to be fully refundable
  • As a member, we represent you, we are no longer in a position selling you service – you receive true non-bias opinions
  • You can focus in your task as transaction with us is clean and clear

In-house operation knowledge is the core of our structure

  • We have true in-house aircraft experts
  • Strict audit and screening system that ensures all options are provided with safety first
  • A large network worldwide which offers options, knowledge, control and buying power, all of which is passed on, benefiting our customers
  • Members enjoys the benefit of a rebate scheme

L’VOYAGE Concierge Service offers more than we offer to our members.

The additional services that are provided include:

  • We can present ourselves as your branded employee
  • A dedicated phone line and email address can be created
  • We can arrange support in arranging certain branded goods onboard flights

Our Memberships

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