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Stay in unique glass igloos in a snowfield amongst Finland’s Arctic wilderness. The perfect unspoilt environment where you will reconnect with nature’s elements.

Surrounded by nature, this unique property is located in the Saariselkä Fell region of Finnish Lapland. The property offers glass igloos and traditional wood chalets and has the world’s largest smoke sauna. Our selected Arctic resort is an enchanting, otherworldly destination located 250 kilometres (150 miles) north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland, just a four-hour drive from the Arctic Ocean. Since 1974, the family-run hotel has been offering year-round magical experiences in the pristine Arctic wilderness. The resort is world-renowned for its iconic glass igloos and the magical Northern Lights – but there are plenty of other Arctic secrets to explore.

Arctic enchantment

The resort offers numerous unique excursions – from reindeer and husky adventures, snowmobile treks, to meeting Santa or panning for gold. Making any stay truly unforgettable. You will be surrounded by some of the cleanest nature in the world, with one of Finland’s largest national parks, Urho Kekkonen National Park, right next door.

Igloo resort

The water is so pure that you can drink straight from the streams, the air is so fresh that you can feel it deep down in your lungs, and the harmonious sound of silence will soothe your soul. Guests can also rent cross-country skis, Nordic walking sticks and snow shoes.

Cross-country skiers
Inside a log cabin

The unique resort offers two à la carte restaurants, which serve Laplandic specialities such as reindeer and char-grilled salmon. The hotel’s smoke sauna even has its own restaurant. Six saunas are available, each has a relaxation room with an open fireplace. A nearby ice hole is ideal for cooling off.

Couple sitting next to smoke sauna

Architectural icons

With the iconic glass igloos this is one of the best places in the world to wonder at the magical glow of the Northern Lights. Up here, the season is an incredible eight months long, from late August until late April. As long as it’s dark and the skies are clear, there’s always a chance to marvel at the miraculous lightshow.

The igloos are made of thermal glass, so even though it might be icy cold outside, inside it’s always deliciously warm. With no city lights to spoil the view, you can simply lie back and enjoy nature’s very own firework display. Even without the Northern Lights making an appearance, a night under the Arctic sky is still an unforgettable experience.

Glass roofed Igloo at night

In Winter and Spring you can immerse yourself in the Arctic wilderness while it is dressed in pure white snow. How about a daytime adventure in the wintery forest, or an Aurora hunting trip by night on a sleigh pulled by reindeer, huskies or horses, or even on a snowmobile or snow tank?

Snow mobiles on the snow

Guests can also try traditional Finnish ice fishing or visit the reindeer farm. The area is also known for its world-class cross-country skiing – there are 200 kilometres of tracks through stunning scenery in the neighbouring Urho Kekkonen National Park. Gliding through the forest surrounded by the silence and beauty of the wintery nature is almost a spiritual experience.

Traditional Finnish ice fishing

During the Summer and Autumn the area offers fantastic opportunities for activities like hiking, biking, gold panning, horseback riding and canoeing in the arctic wilderness. An excursion into the unique Lappish landscape and its all-enveloping mellow silence is an unforgettable experience. Selected activities can be enjoyed under the midnight sun or with added Aurora hunting, making them even more memorable.

Lappish landscape

Sámi culture

The region is steeped in the rich culture of the indigenous Sámi people. The resort has a deep appreciation for this local heritage. Nearly everything at the resort has been created right here by local craftsmen and artists over the past 40 years. We warmly welcome you to experience the magic of Lapland. Guests can learn about the fascinating culture of the Sámi, the only indigenous people of the European Union. The resort works with many Sámi entrepreneurs who can tell spellbinding stories about their history and culture. They also organize trips to the Sámi Museum, Siida, and Sámi art is on display all around the resort.

Lapland is a vast geographical area in the far north of Scandinavia, crossing four different countries: Finland, Russia, Norway and Sweden. It is a magnificent land of fells, reindeer, Northern Lights and midnight sun, with a population density of about two people/km2 – making most of Lapland untouched wilderness. Finnish Lapland is 98,937 km2 , which is 30% of Finland’s total land area. Of this area, 93,057 km2 is land and the rest is water. Lapland’s highest peak is Halti at 1328m.

Reindeers in Lapland

Photography by Valtteri Hirvonen

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