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F1 on Ice


F1 on Ice

We could talk about it for hours, but there is nothing that will convince you more than to be part of this ultimate driving experience yourself. The only risk? Addiction.

Welcome to the land of ice driving beneath the Aurora Borealis, a place where the light makes the snow sparkle. Just imagine lakes as far as the eye can see, surrounded by immense forests of snow-covered pines and Arctic tundra, a wilderness 70km from the Arctic Circle, where in Winter a thick layer of ice forms, hard as rock... the European capital of extreme weather car testing.

Ice ice baby

For just eleven weeks each Winter the surface of the frozen Lake Udjaur is transformed into an enormous 2,965 acre drifting area with thirteen different circuits.

  • 4 full-scale F1 circuits
  • 1 international circuit
  • 1 technical circuit
  • 1 practice circuit
  • 4 ovals
  • 2 large circles
Icey Racetrack

Exclusive and officially-licensed, the most legendary Formula 1 circuits are reproduced full-scale:

  • 1 Yas Marina
  • 1 Silverstone
  • 1 Nürburgring
  • 1 Paul Ricard (the big circuit). And the celebrated Le Mans circuit.
Ferrari racing in ice
Racing car on ice

Drive these ice circuits in supercars at up to 200 km/hour (125mph) in complete safety. No barriers, no walls, nothing in the way, just fresh snow alongside the track: everything is designed to allow limitless extreme driving. Now the skill of drifting is available to everyone, in total safety, for the ultimate thrill.

Racing car in front of mountain

Imagine driving concentrated, regular 30-minute sessions, as much as 160 miles every day. And even with this amount of driving – which you won’t find anywhere else – you’ll still not have exhausted your abilities on all the circuits.

Racing car on ice

You’ll have personal coaching in the car during every driving session by qualified instructors. Through this tuition we guarantee that you will master drifting in less than two days – whether beginner or experienced driver. Your pleasure will exceed all your expectations.

Maserati racing on ice

Conquer the ice in one of our 30 top-of-the-range sports cars: Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati each specially prepared for extreme driving. The fleet is renewed regularly, offering you a wide choice of recent models to match every requirement.

Super cars lined up

It would be hard not to take advantage of the magnificent surroundings and discover the traditional activities of the region: a dog-sled tour, a photo safari, an evening in an iglootel, alpine or cross-country skiing, a snow-scooter trip, a road trip to the Arctic Circle. You can enjoy these experiences whether you’re driving or simply accompanying a driver. Everything is done so that you can personalise your stay down to the smallest detail.

Man wathcing the Aurora Borealis

Photo credits: Felix Macias for LID

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