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Peru offers other-worldly landscapes, ancient civilisations and a vibrant cultural and culinary experience. From making a personal pilgrimage trek to the Inca ruins at Macchu Picchu to experiencing the enticing and intriguing towns and villages of this unique Andean country.

Peru, the richest country in the world, invites us to discover that being rich isn’t about having the most; it’s about experiencing the most unforgettable moments. And these experiences begin on a trip to Peru, a place where the diversity and authenticity of the culture, nature and food hold the essence of life itself.

The Inca Trail

Trek to Machu Picchu by setting out early on foot and avoid the later tourist crowds. From Aguas Calientes you cross a hanging bridge to the ruins of Cachabamba. After a brief visit of this site, you will begin a three to four hour ascent to the ruins of Wiñay Wayna, a remarkable Inca site that is only approachable by foot. From here you will hike approximately two hours along the main Inca Trail to Inti Punku, or the Sun Gate, where you will catch your first glimpse of Machu Picchu below.

Machu Picchu

Important note: Hiking the Inca Trail requires a permit and must be booked well in advance as the excursion is popular and has limited entry. In addition, please bear in mind that distances and altitudes are subject to variation as the route undertaken may vary slightly.

Hiking the Inca Trail
The Hiram Bingham Train

The Hiram Bingham Train

This iconic train, named after the famous Andean explorer runs from Poroy to Aguas Calientes – the jumping off point for Macchu Piccu is a must for those seeking the utmost level of luxury and visiting this amazing site in style. The trip guarantees the highest quality of exquisite, attentive service and has a total of four cars, two dining cars, a bar car and room for just 84 passengers.

Guests can partake of a gourmet brunch during their spectacular three hour journey through the Sacred Valley, passing by lush landscapes and Andean villages. Enjoy views of the beautiful mountains and Urubamba River from the comfort of the warm and elegant carriages before arriving in Aguas Calientes. The following day after visiting Machu Picchu, return to Poroy again on the train with a delicious gourmet dinner served on the way.

The Cusco challenge

For a truly immersive and engaging tour of Cusco, prepare for the Cusco Challenge. A live action play meets scavenger hunt, this half-day tour with an expert guide brings the city’s history to life with traditionally dressed Incan characters that tell enchanting stories as you solve clues and pass tests on your journey through Cusco.


Select teams the traditional Andean way using a live guinea pig! No animals are harmed in this process. You will then be briefed on the strategy and objectives. Throughout the day the Incan will give you tests, quizzes and clues to lead you around the city. For example, learn to play Andean instruments or join in a traditional dance while dressed in colorful Peruvian costume.

Traditional Andean

Or listen to the history of the Cathedral and then answer quiz questions that will lead you to the most lavish Inca temple of Koricancha. The team with the most points will win a special prize and everyone will celebrate the incredible half-day of exploring! The Cusco Challenge can be adapted to any length, any age group, and cover any sites that you are interested in seeing in the city.

Temple of Koricancha

Pisac Market and Ruins

Experience the sights and sounds of the town’s famous market, with a variety of handicrafts and fresh produce. Afterwards, continue on to the Pisac ruins. With Inca masonry of superlative quality, the stunning terracing following the contours of the mountain and superior view of the valley will leave you in awe.

Pisac Market and Ruins

Ollantaytambo Town AND Fortress

Visit the fabulous town of Ollantaytambo and its ruins. The town is unique in that it still preserves its original Inca plan, with people living in traditional cancha enclosures once occupied by the Inca elite. The archaeological compound found here is a remarkable spectacle, and a site of great historical significance. It was here that one of the greatest battles of the conquest was fought, and one of the few where the Incas defeated the Spaniards.

Ollantaytambo ruins
Watered terraces of Urubamba

Guided tour of Maras AND Moray

Visit Maras, the site of the remarkable and unusual Salinas, located in the heart of the Sacred Valley and not far from Urubamba. This site consists of a huge number of watered terraces that collect salt by evaporation from the saline waters that gush from an underground stream. Built in a similar way to agricultural terraces seen throughout the Andes, the Salinas have been in use since pre-Columbian times.

Visually, the shining, salt-encrusted terraces are extraordinary. Nearby Maras lie the most enigmatic Inca terraces at the site of Moray. This unique site, probably used for agricultural experimentation, consists of several enormous terraced circular depressions. It is also possible to trek between Moray and Maras with a gourmet picnic lunch en route.

Guided Visit to Chinchero

Visit the towns and ruins of the village of Chinchero (3,800m/12,500ft). Higher than Cusco and the Urubamba Valley, Chinchero was once home to the great conquering emperor Inca Topa Yupanqui and features his magnificent palace, with a parade ground and royal viewing pavilion alongside. The town also boasts a hillside of terraces studded with rock-outcrop shrines, a charming village with a layout dating back to Inca times and a magnificent view of the snow-capped mountains of the Cordillera Vilcabamba range.

Village of Chinchero

Alfresco Andean pop-up Picnic

For lunch, enjoy a first-class dining experience in the heart of the Andean outdoors. Your guide will take you to a remote area in the Sacred Valley to enjoy a delectable meal at your private table adorned with sparkling dinnerware. Depending on the time of year the menu will vary, but you can expect the likes of fresh seasonal salads, soups made with Andean super-foods, and heartier typical meat dishes.

Dining experience in the heart of the Andean outdoors

Inti Raymi Reenactment

Inti Raymi is a reenactment of what contemporary scholars have interpreted must have been the Festival of the Sun in Inca times. It takes place annually on June 24th. We can arrange for a highly elaborate private reenactment any time of the year, to witness a glimpse of what this traditional festival would have been like.

Inti Raymi
Lake Titicaca

A day on the Lake

Lake Titicaca, at nearly 4,000 metres (13,123ft) above sea level between the Peruvian and Bolivian highlands, is the highest navigable lake in the world. This gentle lake is home to a myriad of communities, each with their own specific customs and traditions and with folklore often considered to be the richest in Peru. With rugged landscapes, gentle lapping water, and the crisp air of the highlands, a full day boat cruise is both a serene and educational experience, providing a unique look into the cultural variety and native wildlife that exists here.

Board a private boat for your tour of the lake. During your trip, you will have the opportunity to visit two different communities, and although diverse, both have developed unique practices that allow them to sustain life upon the lake. Start with a brief visit to the fascinating floating reed islands of Uros, home to a fishing and hunting community. Next, depart to Llachon where the indigenous populations, adorned in their traditional attire, are famous for their weaving techniques. Enjoy a traditional lunch in a local house specially prepared and hosted by the community of Santa Maria.

Lima fine dining

Lima is the culinary capital of South America and one of the world’s greatest food destinations. Home to two of the top 10 restaurants on the World’s Best 50 Restaurants List (2018), Lima boasts an impressive collection of other award-winning restaurants that showcase Peruvian and fusion cuisine at its finest. From creative tasting menus at Central to unusual Amazonian ingredients at ámaZ, the food scene is unrivalled and makes Lima a magnet for foodies in the know – and a great reason to stay an extra day.

Fine dining in Lima

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