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The L’VOYAGE total travel concierge service gives you complete peace of mind. With us, everything is taken care of. The big ideas and all the vital little details. Nothing is overlooked.

The experience begins the moment you step out of your home, from the drinks you are served in the chauffeured vehicles enroute to the airport to your preferred in-flight stewards being ready to greet you the moment you step on board.

Passenger being chauffeured to airport

Your cuisine can be pre-ordered from Michelin-starred restaurants, while high-grade organic meals can be prepared for your pets when you bring them on a trip with you.

Michelin-starred dining

Whist this is all going on your personal travel manager is busy arranging visas, tickets and permits. Dependent upon a clients’ individual requirements they may be a need to source and liaise with additional contributors to the delivery of the itinerary such as tutors, specialist guides or even health therapists ensuring that the optimum potential is achieved from the trip. L’Voyage is a licensed travel agency in Hong Kong.

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