The Magnificent Madagascar Safari


The Magnificent Madagascar Safari


Are you longing for a truly unique adventure?

A place that is truly off the beaten path and would inspire the most intrepid traveler.

A destination perfectly combines extraordinary scenery and cuisine, where you can travel in ultimate style and jet off to diverse locations while maximizing value.

L’VOYAGE together with Journeys by Chance present to you the magnificent Madagascar safari.

With no direct flights from Hong Kong and mainland Chinese cities, it could take up to more than two days to get to Madagascar. Private jet is the most effective and hassle-free transportation for this trip.

USD81,500 per Head
  • The above price includes international round trip private jet flights, domestic private jet flights in Madagascar, all the items included in the itinerary, local transportation, accommodations (double rooms) and dining, local guide who speaks English, the specialist in Madagascar National Park, tips and visa application fees.
  • Minimum 5 Passengers
  • Departing from Hong Kong
  • Other departing cities are subject to price changes. For further details, please contact us at charter@lvoyage.aero or call us at +852 2868 3678.
  • This trip is suitable for healthy travellers ageing from 6 to 60 who can easily walk for 2 – 3 hours. The travel season in Madagascar is from May to October each year.

Day 1

Arrival in Madagascar. This unique island was separated from African continent millions years ago and it has since been its own ecological system. It is the world’s most unique biodiversity hotspot, the fourth largest island, similar size to France. Vaccinations are not required because they do not have diseases common in Africa mainland. 80% of the country does not have paved roads making it off limits to ordinary travelers (or only for the extraordinary).

Today, head out to explore the colorful city Antananarivo with your expert guide. Paris of Africa could well be a suitable name for this welcoming capital. Being a French colony, beautiful churches dot the colorful lanes in the old city. Visit the Queen’s Palace, old town and new business district to gain an insight into African living. The French also left great cuisine heritage. Rest be assured that the meals on your trip will satisfy your taste buds!

This morning, aboard your private plane, you will fly over the amazing emerald waterways of Mozambique channel. The sight of virgin white beach and winding river channels into the Indian Ocean is mesmerizing. Finally you see the gigantic Baobab trees on the dry African grassland.

The first sight of the iconic Baobab trees is a dream come true for anyone who comes to visit Madagascar.

Check into your private bungalow on the beach. Your lodge for the night is a mixture of local design and perfect ocean views.

After some proper relaxation, time for the famous sunset at the Avenue of Baobab Trees. As magical as it is described in the fairy tale , this is a dream come true moment for many avid photographers. It is just so photogenic!

Day 3


Jet from the beach to the Grand Canyon of Madagascar, on your private flight, wow inspiring vistas one after another.

Today, you will visit a local village and learn about the rural life. This is a completely difference experience from the cosmopolitan life we are accustomed to.


Day 4

Explore this beautiful landscape with your expert national park guide, you can choose among short and long hikes from 1 to 3 hours. Search for the legendary ring tailed lemurs, King Julian in the movie <Madagascar> or play in a wonderful natural pool.

Day 5

As you may know, Madagascar is famous for high quality sapphire. Today, we will visit villages built due to Sapphire rush and see nomadic people washing sands in the river looking for sapphires. The whole experience just feel like the Gold Rush in the 1840s.

Day 6

Waving goodbye to the canyons, today you will head to your next destination by private plane. Before visiting Madagascar’s primate forest, let’s go meet Mr. Chameleon! 80% of Madagascar’s wildlife are unique to the destination and not seen anywhere else in the world. Have you found the leafy gecko?

Day 7

Aside from traveling by canoe, we will hike in the primate forest searching for the largest lemur Indri and dancing lemurs. They are all so adorable!

Day 8

Drive back to Antananarivo, on the way, you will appreciate beautiful rural scenery and see interesting local way of living.

Madagascar is a great place for handicrafts shopping. From handwoven baskets, embroidery, cow horn cups, they are all well-made and reasonably priced.

Day 9

Your last stop in Madagascar is a real oasis in the north, accessible only by plane. This pristine oceanside property is truly heaven on earth.

Your private villa faces Mozambique channel, architecture style is a combination of local designs with French elegance. Salt water pool is a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the sunset, before a delicious meal under the stars.

Day 10

The private peninsula is an amazing ecosystem on its own. Head out in your own private yacht to explore this remote corner. You may encounter a couple local fishermen’s boats, but that’s about it. The entire wilderness is yours.
Discover mesmerizing lime stone formations, and witness towering baobab trees rising above the ocean.

This is a fantastic spot for snorkeling.

Day 11

Enjoy your days relaxing in paradise. Lemurs will sure to pay you a visit. Explore virgin forests, maybe if you are lucky spot a few flying foxes.

At sunset, sail the charming mangrove channels and cheers to a wonderful journey few have done.

Day 12

Today fly back to the Capital and board your private jet heading back home.

The itinerary is specially designed by Journeys by Chance. Tailor-made packages are also available according to your specific requests, number of pax, and travel dates.

For more details, please contact us via +852 2868 3678 or charter@lvoyage.aero.

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