Fly Private

Great flying begins with great personal service

Private Jet Experience

Customised travel services for every purpose

L'VOYAGE Membership Program

L’VOYAGE Membership was created for frequent private jet flyers who want personalised travel unbounded by location and aircraft type. Our membership programme offers unlimited access to air travel options perfectly matched to your needs.

Worldwide Demand Private Jet Charter

Fly whenever and wherever you want with no queues. Your itinerary is designed to your personal schedule and we are always ready to accommodate any last minute changes. With express customs, immigration and quarantine arrangements, you have all the time in the world to embark and disembark at your leisure

Pet Travel with Private Jet

Travelling can be stressful for your favourite furry friend, so we’ve made sure they’ll enjoy the same safety, luxury and comfort you do while on-board. Together with our veterinary partners, we can help you prepare and process your pet passport, ensuring your pet is prepared to travel.

Medical Travel with Private Jet

Make an appointment with the world’s leading medical specialists and fly to meet them in VVIP luxury. We liaise with many reputable hospitals around the globe to ensure every stage of your trip, including your stay at your destination and follow-ups, is a personalised journey that emphasises your wellbeing and comfort.

Luxury Curated Travel with Jets

The L’VOYAGE bespoke travel experience begins with your carefully curated itinerary created just for you. Throughout your journey, our luxury travel curators ensure every detail is noted and every step is executed to perfection. We do this behind the scenes, so your L’VOYAGE holiday is nothing but magical.