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6 Real Reasons Why Private Flights Are Unbeatable

Think of flying privately and images of luxury and exclusivity won’t be far behind. While this is certainly true, there are also more tangible benefits to flying private that make it a practical and efficient choice for many travelers. 

Since the pandemic, there has been a steady rise in the number of private flights in the sky. Here at L’Voyage, we understand this rise in demand far beyond the beautiful lifestyle. 

Here are the top 6 lesser-known private flying facts that make travel less of a chore: 

Reduced Touch Points for Safer Travel

To help keep passengers safe, private planes are thoroughly cleaned before each trip. There are also virtually no high-traffic areas that can be a hotbed for transferring microbes.

With fewer people in a plane, there’s more personal space, too. When flying in and out of smaller airports, private plane passengers also avoid crowded halls and lines. 

If you’re worried about catching a virus or infection while travelling, private planes are really a great option.


Time Savings

When you fly privately, you can save a significant amount of time. You don’t have to worry about long security lines or waiting for other passengers to board. You can arrive at the airport just minutes before your flight and take off as soon as you’re ready. 

Additionally, private jets can often fly directly to smaller airports closer to your destination, allowing you to avoid the congestion of major airports and cut down on travel time. That means less wait for connecting flights or ruined plans from cancellations or delays.

The choice to land in smaller airports also means a quick walk from the jet to your vehicle. If you need to make things happen fast, a private flight is a way to go. 



One of the biggest benefits of flying private is the flexibility it offers. You can choose the departure time that works best for you, rather than being limited by commercial flight schedules. If you need to change your plans at the last minute, it’s usually much easier to do so with a private flight than a commercial one.

Did the meeting last longer that expected? Do the kids want to play by the beach for one last time? It’s easy to make that happen when the plane does all the waiting for you. 


Privacy and security

Flying privately allow you to enjoy a level of privacy and security that is simply not possible on commercial flights. 

You don’t have to worry about strangers overhearing your conversations or invading your personal space. 

Private flights are also not subject to the same security procedures as commercial flights, so you can often move through the airport quickly and easily. That means you can bring more items to the cabin that they wouldn’t allow on a commercial flight. 

If you have heavy, expensive equipment you need to bring along, you can rest easy its taken care of. 



With private flights, you have the ability to customize your experience to meet your specific needs. You can choose the type of aircraft that best suits your group size and travel needs, and you can also request specific amenities and services on board. This could include anything from in-flight catering to specialized equipment for business meetings.


Cost Savings

While private flights are more expensive than commercial flights on a per-person basis, they can actually be cost-effective in many circumstances. 

For example, if you are traveling with a large group of VIPs or need to transport specialized equipment, chartering a private flight can be more frugal compared to purchasing multiple first-class commercial tickets or shipping equipment separately. Savings can also come from shorter time spent in transit by high-level executives. 

Additionally, private flights can save you money on things like hotel stays and rental cars, since you can often complete your trip more quickly and efficiently.

While chartering a flight or flying privately may seem like a choice made for its luxury, there are many benefits that make it the most efficient and even most practical choice for many travelers.


Whether you are looking to save time, enjoy greater flexibility and privacy, or customize your travel experience, private flights can offer a range of advantages that are worth considering.

Ready to book your next flight? Connect with L’Voyage today so we can give your best options for travel.

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Golf Legend Twin Event 2022 THE OPEN

A legend time with Sir Nick Faldo and Ian Woosnam OBE for a Legend Golf Twin Event at St. Andrew, Scotland.

The Open will return to its most iconic venue in 2022 when St. Andrews plays host to golf’s original Championship for the 30th time.

Famed for its undulating fairways, huge double greens and fiendish bunkers, the Old Course presents unique challenges for the world’s best players.

The 150TH Open At The Home Of Golf

14 July 2022

VARDON CLUB Golf Legend Private Diner

with Sir Nick Faldo

15 July 2022

VARDON CLUB Golf Legend Private Game

with Ian Woosnam OBE


Check it out the full information of

VARDON CLUB_Golf Legend Twin Event – THE OPEN_July 2022_Full Version


About VARDON CLUB, please go to

 Embark Your Private Jet Experience & Schedule Your Trip With Us:

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Adventure Walk at Amazing Islands


When Autumn rolls around corner, it is the best time in Hong Kong to go with loved ones to explore all the amazing marine parks along the coastal lines. In this exciting day trip, we will bring you the best family walks at some of the amazing islands where you will encounter and admire the natural rocks from the very far end of Hong Kong.

Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park is a marine park are located in the waters of Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau, the most western end of Hong Kong. The Park covers an area of 1,200 hectares, making it the largest marine park in Hong Kong. In the lower reaches of the Pearl River basin where you will also see the habitats of the Chinese white dolphins, which although rare, can still be spotted in the sea.

Adventure Walk VIP Tour


09:45 Pick up from Tsim Sha Tsui Middle Road (TST MTR L3 Exit)

10:30 Departing from Tung Chung  by private yacht

11:15 Arrive at The Brothers Marine Park

12:30 Lunch on yacht

13:45 Departing to Sai Chau

14:45 Shore excursion at Sai Chau

15:45 Departing to Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park

17:00 Back to yacht – Passing through Hong Kong > Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

18:00 End of the trip and towards Tung Chung Development Pier

Minimum 10 Persons for a trip

HKD1988- Per Person

Contact Us To Schedule Your Trip:

+852 2868 3678 | +852 6390 8788 (WhatsApp)

HK Travel Agent License: 354156






Journey To Explore The Green Secret


Gourmet lunch dining at the Chef’s table in Secret Room, a private luxury dining experience that will wow your every taste buds. After lunch, you will be taken by chauffer to a private visiting experience at Tsz Shan Monastery, where you will be immersed in tranquillity surrounding with total calmness in its natural landscape. The journey will end with a visit to the Tai Po Waterfront Park where you will see Hong Kong’s largest park by Tolo Harbour.

Green Secret VIP Tour


11:00 – Pick up from Tsim Sha Tsui Middle Road ( TST MTR L3 Exit)

12:00 – Luncheon at Secret Room

14:30 – Tai Po Waterfront Park

15:30 – Tsz Shan Monastery

18:00 – Return to Tsim Sha Tsui

10 Persons Minimum

HKD2998- Per Person

For reservation:

+852 2868 3678 | +852 6390 8788 (WhatsApp)

HK Travel Agent License: 354156







Bombardier Global 5000 exclusively presented by L’VOYAGE

We are excited to bring to you another charter aircraft in Asia, a Bombardier Global 5000 exclusively presented by L’VOYAGE.
This #Global5000 is in an immaculate condition with designer interior and color scheme. First time entered the charter market in the Asia region.
Comfortably seating up to 13 guests. For sleeping arrangement, 3 single sleeping flat beds and 1 divan bed. Wifi available on board.
We are ready to take you to any destination. Embark your journey with


For more information, please contact L’VOYAGE charter team.

+852 2868 3678 / +852 6390 8788

L’VOYAGE Membership Program






Immerse Yourself In The Zen Gardens


Nan Lin Garden in Chi Lin Nunnery is where the motif of the entire Nunnery was built in 1934 to the style of the Tang Dynasty. We will take you through rich history and walk through the tranquillity of the beautiful landscape of the Nunnery, followed by lunch in the Chi Lin Restaurant which is underneath a natural silver strand waterfall, where you will be enjoying the view around the garden while listening to the calming sound of running water. After lunch, you will be transferred by chauffeur to Tsz Shan Monastery where you will be absorbed by the sense of calmness. Tsz Shan Monastery is an institute of Buddhist for Buddhism practice and learning. This private guided tour will let you immerse in the zen for tranquil contemplation and mine purification.

VIP Private Tour


11:30 – Pick up

12:00 – Luncheon at Chi Lin Restaurant

14:30 – Slow walk Nan Lin Garden

16:30 – Tsz Shan Monastery

18:00 – Day Tour End

*Available from 1 Nov 2021

*Weekend on request

10 Persons Maximum

HKD2360- Per Person

Contact Us To Schedule Your Trip:

+852 2868 3678 | +852 6390 8788 (WhatsApp)

HK Travel Agent License: 354156





Press Release

L’ VOYAGE forms marketing alliance with Executive Jet Management’s (EJM)’s Ascend Program


L’ VOYAGE today announced that it has formed marketing alliance with Executive Jet Management (EJM)  to offer its Ascend Program, a fixed hourly rate charter program to L’ VOYAGE members. The Ascend was developed in response to customers who need dependable aircraft availability and an easy way to manage their air travel from U.S. inbound or anywhere to and from the USA with a simple and consistent pricing model.

The benefits that L’VOYAGE members can enjoy through the EJM’s Ascend program including:

  • No minimum deposit of $100,000required, which is normally applied to any flight with the program.
  • Consistent, dependable Fixed hourly rates based on the aircraft’s cabin size
  • 5% discount for L’ VOYAGE’s customers (subject to a 14-day advance booking requirement)
  • Catering voucher rewards
  • Guaranteed availability over 315 days a year, and no owner approvals needed

“L’VOYAGE’s members often travel internationally, our goals have always been to provide unparallel services for our clients wherever they travel to. The alliance will give the ultimate blend of accessibility and value of the EJM fleet of aircraft when traveling in the US. “ said Jolie Howard, CEO of L’VOYAGE.

About Executive Jet Management (EJM):

Executive Jet Management (EJM) has been the leader in worldwide aircraft management and private jet charter services since 1997, backed by NetJets. Inc and Berkshire Hathaway. Today, EJM is synonymous with principles deeply rooted in safety, security, and exceptional service and serves as the world’s largest private aviation infrastructure with access to unrivalled aviation resources. For more information, please visit:

About L’ VOYAGE Membership

L’ VOYAGE provides bespoke private jet charter and curated travel solutions to the discerning corporate and leisure travelers and jet-setters. L’ VOYAGE offers unrivaled access to aircraft options and destinations coupled highly personalized hospitality and concierge service.  L’ VOYAGE was the first Wyvern approved broker in Asia in 2014, making it the highest accredited safety focused aircraft broker in the Far East region. L’ VOYAGE was also awarded “Best Charter Broker” by the Asian Business Aviation Association in 2017 at the Icons of Aviation Awards.

Media inquiries to:

Christy Lau

Director – Sales & Marketing | +852 6390 8788


+852 2868 3678 |

Unit 12A, Two ChinaChem Plaza, 68 Connaught Road, Central, HK

HK Travel Agent License: 354156

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World’s Finest Ski Region – Ultima Courchevel

Plan your winter escape now! Situated in the French Alps, Ultima Courchevel is your winter wonderland and one of the most prestige names in winter resorts. With such a fascinating winter resort, skiing is without doubt on the priority list. As a 5-star resort, Ultima Courchevel is a castel of 13 private chalets, a mountain-facing restaurant and 2 spas. Imagine waking up to the snow-covered spectacular view inside a warm and peaceful chalet, or enjoying the warm and relaxing spa while snowing outside the window, at that particular moment, we shall be thankful and count our blessings. Embarking your skiing journey is just one step away from this luxurious 5-star home away from home.

Schedule your trip for this breath-taking magnificent winter getaway, please contact:
+852 2868 3678 / +852 6390 8788

L’VOYAGE Membership Program

HK Travel Agent License: 354156



The Voyage of Jet & River Expedition

Budapest is famously known as one of the top ten dream wedding places in the world where you can almost smell romance in the air. Imagine being surrounded with the break-taking landscape of Budapest on a breezy and cozy day of the fall, how nice could it be? As the authorised travel agency of Crystal Cruise, we are delighted to bring this exotic ambiance to you by getting on ‘River Cruise Expedition of Vilshofen to Budapest’ in the coming September.

This luxurious cruise journey will be starting from Melk’s Benedictine Abbey to Vienna’s famed Ringstrasse and Budapest’s stunning Parliament Building, and discovering  picturesque Durnstein and the pastoral Wachau Valley .

Date: 12 -19 September 2021 (7 Nights)

Fare: From USD5,899-


– 6 Star Service

– Savor The Extraordinary

– Enclaves of Elegance

– The Rhythm of the River

– Serenity & Calm

– More Rewarding


For reservation – The Rare Opportunity to Begin Your Expedition, please call

+852 2868 3678 / +852 6390 8788

L’VOYAGE Membership Program

HK Travel Agent License: 354156

















Yacht Dining

Just because we are not able to freely travel around the world, does not mean our sensation on the taste shall be it too. Introducing to all of you, a summer trills of private yacht dining in Hong Kong. Carefully prepared by our professional crew of chefs, every yacht dining experience is individual — the menu is specially designed to your crave and every meal served up to your personal preference. Italian, French, Japanese, Thai or even Vietnamese cuisine, we have them all for you to get on a sensational journey around the globe on your tastebuds, while being surrounded with the beautiful landscape of Hong Kong on luxury private yacht. Let us know what your summertime tastes like and see if we can recreate them just for you exclusively at L’Voyage.

Embark Your Private Yacht Dining Experience with US:

+852 2868 3678 /

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