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Aircraft Ownership

The luxury of owning your own private jet should come with all the perks and none of the hassle. L’VOYAGE offers turn-key advisory business aircraft services for private jet owners backed by our aviation expertise. We support your journey into private jet ownership by assisting with aircraft registration and ownership structure, aircraft completion requirements, financing options, operations models, operators and other service providers based on your needs and preferences, to ongoing independent oversight for operational cost reviews and control and recruitment of flight crew.

Buying and Selling Service

L’VOYAGE’s sister company, JET 8 Aviation Limited, is specialised in aircraft sales and acquisition advisory services. Through its expert business aircraft services, clients are assured that the right aircraft is acquired and smooth disposal of their existing aircraft at the best resale value is achieved. JET 8 guides and accompanies our clients throughout the entire aircraft acquisition process with the goal  of ensuring a very smooth and efficient aircraft buying or selling experience. We can assist with defining your Aircraft Requirements & Search, Valuation & Price Negotiation to Financing, Aircraft Management & Entry Into Service.

Cargo Jet Solution

As part of our advisory services, we also provide support to corporations and the logistics industry through our charter division Cargo Jet Solutions.

Service offerings includes cargo aircraft charter, cargo aircraft sales and acquisition and P2F conversion.