Stunning Hike


Stunning Hike


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Yim Tin Tsai – Cultural & Eco Leisure Day Tour

The village of Yim Tin Tsai in Sai Kung has a history of nearly three centuries. Inhabited by villagers surnamed Chan, the island exemplifies the peaceful co-existence of Roman Catholicism and Hakka culture. Yim Tin Tsai Arts Festival is bringing to participants new experience integrating arts, religion, culture, heritage and green elements, and adopting three key concepts of “Sky, Earth and Human” as the theme for each event.

Trip Experience from 18 May to 15 July 2021

11:30 Private yacht depart Central Pier to Sai Kung

12:45 Arrive at Yim Tin Tsai Pier

13:00 Lunch (catering service can be arranged)

14:30 Two hours of Eco tour walk at Yin Tin Tsai Arts & Heritage or water sport activities after lunch

16:30 Slow walk at Sharp Island – Geo Park

17:30 Private yacht to Central Pier

18:45 Arrive Central Pier

HKD3,500 Per Person, Min. requirement 8 Persons for a day tour




Oasis Trek from Lai Chi Wo to Wu Kau Tang

Some places always beckon you to return. Visitors to Lai Chi Wo will agree that it is one such place. Stroll along the 1.2km Lai Chi Wo Nature Trail and you will surely appreciate the region’s ecological significance!

Hiking Itinerary

09:30 Pick up at Ma Liu Shiu Pier to Lai Chi Wo by private yacht

11:00 Arrive at Lai Chi Wo Pier

11:10 45 mins walk along Lai Chi Wo Natural Trail and seaside towards Sam A Tsuen

11:55 Arrive Sam A Tsuen

12:00 Heritage Luncheon at Traditional Hakka Style Private Kitchen (Optional)

14:00 90 to 120 mins walk from Kau Tam Tso to Wu Kau Tang

16:00 Arrive Wu Kau Tang

HKD2,600 Per Person, Min. requirement 8 Persons for a day tour

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